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Our support journey as a company started in November 2017 with a small Facebook group of 23 women who came together after seeing the success I was having in my own journey back to health which started almost a year prior.

Besides our official facebook Page, our private support groups have grown to over 1700 women on Facebook alone. There is also a support group for men. We have a presence on other social media platforms where group members support each other by sharing knowledge from research, from what we have learnt individually including what is working, what isn’t working, our daily struggles, tips recipes, routines and the like.

The founder of the groups started her healthy living / weight loss journey in February 2017 with a weight of 106kg and a threat of cervix cancer and a diagnosis of Chronic Hypertension which all occurred in the latter months of 2016.

Having worked in a high stress and demanding environment for over 10 years as a qualified Social Worker supporting vulnerable people with interventions during crisis and helping them manage change in their personal and family lives, things came to a head for me personally when I faced my own health crisis as stated above.

The doctors were clear that, not only did I need surgery, I needed to change my lifestyle and eating, lose the excess weight and start exercising which they advised could help with stress levels.

I wasn’t keen on surgery and therefore made the hard decision to quit my job in December 2016 and devoted the next 3 months to researching and learning the whats and the whys of healthy living and healthy weight loss and maintenance.

1. I didn't want to use pills or bottled / processed non-food supplements to achieve weight loss success. My body was sick and I wanted to cure it naturally not add more chemicals and sickness to it.

2. I was ready for a lifestyle change for health not just a weight loss journey. In other words, whatever changes I made (including exercise) had to fit in with my life, my age and must be what I do for the rest of my life without feeling pressured, restricted or deprived.

3. I did not want to stop eating the foods I liked especially my African / Ghanaian foods which were mostly high carbohydrate foods.

I had to find convincing reasons why I should give anything up before I did.

I had to see if there are alternatives that will satisfy the same taste without harming my health, unbalancing my hormones (I was over 40 and facing perimenopause), or adding excessive weight to my body.

4. What I learnt wasn't a new diet. I found that I was getting a clearer understanding of the science behind disease and excessive weight gain. I was learning the impacts of foods, herbs and spices on health and wellbeing.

"I'm simply taking back control" became my mantra. I had never successfully lost weight by dieting or anything else.

It seemed next to impossible especially for a perimenopausal woman who had many bad lifestyle and eating habits and didn’t like exercise routines at all.

I DID LOSE 30LBS IN 3 MONTHS. I used natural herbs and spices daily and followed a basic plan for a lifestyle change by focusing on four pillars of health; Hydration, healthy eating, moderate exercising and optimising sleep not in desperation but through patiently learning the basics and building one discipline upon another.

I have lost more since and maintained that loss. Nongor therefore follows the same basic formulae and continues to be a much needed intervention and change agent for many both through our products and coaching and support services.

Get in touch now and start living the NONGOR LIFE.

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