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Our Reset 5s ( covering 5 to 6 days) and Reset 10s (covering 10 days) always begin with a water fast for a minimum 36 to 48 hours.

We follow on with a fat fast and then a veggie and fruit detox and cleanse.

Our Reset 7s ( covering 7 days) has components of all the above except the water fasting component and is more suited to breastfeeding mums and people on medications that does not allow them to go for 36 hours without food.

All our Resets are offered via small group coaching right on WhatsApp and open to everyone except children from anywhere in the world.

You will not fully understand the program except you take part in your very first Reset based on the information already provided in our videos and texts that you may have already received from us if you subscribe to our email list. (Go to contacts and send an email asking to be added to our subscribers list). Our Resets are a learning opportunity for all who want virtually free support to begin their health and weight management journey.

Which is why our fee is very small and is only a token administrative one compared to the knowledge and the weight and health resolving advantage that you gain from just one reset. Compared to other weight management programs that don’t get the results we do, our small fee ensures that you don’t lose much financially by signing on for your first reset.

Our advice is that you invest that administrative fee of £10 to do your first RESET. Your fee is used to laiase with expert nutritionist coaches who support our groups in advisory capacity and use your first RESET as a learning experience and also to determine whether the Nongor way is a good fit for you or not going forward.

Hope that helps.

Note: we advice that you consistently use our products (formulae) as seen in our shop as part of your healthy living lifestyle and even before you take part in your first Reset.

You are free not to purchase the product immediately if they are for example unaffordable for you at the moment. You can successfully do a Reset without them. They are for health more so than for weight management.

Looking forward to seeing you on your first Reset.

Here’s the booking link again if you missed the short link above👇🏼👇🏼

Reset / 1:1 Coaching Booking Form with embedded info and videos

All the payment information, videos explaining the program and also about our product are embedded as you scroll down on the form the link takes you to.

Take a look and once decided, we look forward to having you on your first RESET. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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Checck out some of the data and testimonials from previous resets.

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