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Nongor  is a natural health and wellness brand reaching out to the world with its unique all natural formulae as well as with coaching services for health and for losing excess body fat.

Nongor develops and sells top notch All Natural Health Enhancing blends of selected Herbs, spices and superfoods mainly for use as beverages and condiments as an essential part of a healthy diet purposed to keep the body in a state of balance, wellbeing and good health as a foundation for a stronger immune system, metabolic and hormonal health. We focus on supporting the developing of a robust gut health, bone health, lean and trim body and waistline that puts no frown on the face for the rest of your life. 


Our Coaching Services both 1:1 and in small and large groups has increasingly moved online and so is accessible to many people.  We focus on supporting clients to resolve the prevalent problems of dietary excess and associated excessive weight gain and obesity which makes many prone to metabolic syndrome diseases including High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. We support you to make healthy non-restrictive lifestyle changes in order to maintain good health over the lifespan and most importantly to prevent future health crisis. We believe prevention is better than cure. Our Monthly 10 days small groups coaching dubbed as  RESET 10 continues to deliver very impressive outcomes.




Its a fantastic product for detox. It helps for a deep cleansing of the Liver. A great product to use

Sandra Marley

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