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SUNSHINE TEA contains Ginger, turmeric, Cinamon, Black Pepper, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper all combined with Whole Lemons, Coconut and also nutritional yeast. 


Take a spoonful as a shot daily or make an invigorating beverage or latte with almond milk or other nut or seed milk to effectively replace your morning cuppa coffee or tea.


When taken daily in combination with a healthy diet, general wellness and energy levels in the body are better and attempts to naturally lose excess body fat also has better outcomes once those resistant body fat especially the fats around the abdomen area begins to shift. 


Just like we exercise our outsides to tone our bodies, the combination of spices in the sunshine tea provides anti inflammatory, antibacterial and anti fungal  benefits with richness  in polyphenols, anti oxidants, minerals and vitamins because these spices are not being used individually but in a well formulated proportions that activates the potent nutrients collectively making them more effective for the body to absorb and make good use of.


The active ingredient in the turmeric for example is activated by the oils in the black pepper and other spices.  Other tonics have one or two of the ingredients but never together in the proportions and mixes as per the Nongor Sunshine Tea formula. 


Consistent use of the Sunshine Tea doesn’t only contribute to fat loss but also to a huge reduction in stomach bloating.



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  • To use SUNSHINE TEA for losing excess weight it must be used as part of a healthy eating lifestyle. NONGOR LIFESTYLE has coaching services available for those who need it. 

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